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  • I have been following Karen's work in local galleries for over a decade, because of her painting style and subject choices. After finally getting the chance to visit her studio on the studio tour, I was able to meet her. She was very approachable, and we found we had many shared interests. I got on her email list, and soon learned she would be offering a plein air workshop. Even though I am a graphic artist, and have never painted outdoors before, I immediately knew I wanted to learn from Karen. She was inspirational, yet calm, and had a great teaching style. Even though the small class included complete beginners as well as seasoned plein air painters, Karen found the right balance with her curriculum. I loved the class, and it was the perfect introduction to plein air painting for me.

  • Karen's class was outstanding. She helped erase the fear from plein air painting, and is a fabulous instructor. I can't wait to take another workshop from her and I highly recommend her!

  • It was an amazing introduction to Plein Air painting. I can't think of anything that would improve this 3 wk class. From a scheduling standpoint, 3 sessions works well because it is a relatively minimal commitment for instructor and students). But with the amount of experience/knowledge Karen has to offer, and the amount of learning/practice desired by students, I could easily see a 4, 6 or 8 week class very beneficial. Perhaps that would allow working in the field and then also transitioning to the studio.

  • Would love for Karen to host more classes! this felt like just the tip of the iceberg and it was wonderful!

  • Karen as a prolific painter is very knowledgeable about the steps a beginner and a more advanced painter can use to become a better painter.Karen’s technical approach to painting is beneficial for all skill levels. She is attentive to students of all skill levels and her handouts are very helpful.Karen’s class was fun, informative and very encouraging for all skill levels.

  • Karen is an amazing artist and teacher. She is prepared and provides plenty of instruction and advice for books that might be helpful. She is hands on and will answer questions. More sessions would be helpful. Will definitely take class with her again.

  • Karen is an amazing painter and instructor. If you ever get a chance to take a class from her don’t pass it up.

  • Karen's workshop was wonderful! The schedule was thoughtfully planned, and the instruction was delivered clearly. Karen strikes the perfect balance of friend and teacher, and I learned so much from her. She is also encouraging without being artificial. I will definitely take another workshop from her!

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